Tamara is a PRSS at Trac B's storefront and UMC hospitals.

Favorite Color: purple

Pets: I have 2 black kitties, Jinxie, and Max

Lives in: I grew up in Vegas but I have lived all over Southern California

Hobbies: I enjoy doing anything spiritual and outside in nature.

Dream Vacation: is simply being in a cabin surrounded by trees and away from the city.

Favorite Artists: Black Sabbath, The Doors, and Pierce The Veil

Harm Reduction Goal: To reduce/get rid of criminalization for using substances and educate/provide support and treatment instead.

Everett is the Administrative Assistant to Kat. You'll see him in the front office from time to time.

Favorite Color: Red and gray

Pets: Miller an inherited rescue

Lived in: Las Vegas 

Hobbies: Reading 

Dream Vacation: Kamkura Japan

Favorite Music: Anything except Bluegrass

Harm Reduction Goal: To help clients and inform the public about harm reduction.


Guadalupe is the front desk/Medical assistant at our Wellness Clinic. 

Favorite Color: purple

Pets: One kitty

Hobbies: Makeup and Cooking

Dream Vacation: Thailand

Favorite Music Artist: Larry June

Harm Reduction Goal: Aim to reinforce positive change in a person's life, no matter how small that change may be.

Jessi is a Peer Recovery Support Specialist, you will see her working with clients in the hospitals.

Favorite Color: Emerald Green

Pets: I have a cat, Kuzi and my cat has a cat, Sneakers. Kuzi is an affectionate snuggle bunny and Sneakers hates everyone and everything except for Kuzi. 

Lives in: I've lived in several places but moved here to Las Vegas from Louisville ,KY

Hobbies: Painting, cooking, writing, fighting systems of oppression.

Dream Vacation: Thailand or Brazil

Favorite Artist: Sam Cooke

Harm Reduction Goal: To end stigma against substance use.

Jeff Jones is a Peer Support Specialist, he will be working at the hospitals but you will see him around the storefront. 

Favorite Color: Green 

Pets: No pets

Lives in: Las Vegas

Hobbies: Sports

Dream Vacation: Paris

Favorite Artist: Tupac

Harm Reduction Goal: Is to educate, provide information, and resources. As well as reduce the usage of substance-use.

Ashley is a Peer Support Specialist here in Vegas, she helps clients get into treatment and provides resources as well as helping around the clinic. 

Favorite Color: Purple

Pets: Tucker the ferret

Lived in: Las Vegas

Hobbies: Dancing, hiking, and finding new recipes to try

Dream Vacation: Amsterdam, Santorini

Favorite Artists: Mac Miller

Harm Reduction Goal: Spread awareness and self acceptance, most importantly help others be shameless about their human experiences 

Jacob is a Peer Support Specialist, he does outreach and works in the storefront. 

Favorite Color: Purple

Pets: No 

Lived in: Las Vegas

Hobbies: Listening to music, playing video games, watching movies, camping, fishing, hunting etc.

Dream Vacation: Traveling around the world trying different food from different cultures. 

Favorite Music Artists: Eminem

Harm Reduction Goal: To help as many people as possible and spread awareness and educate people about the severity of substance use.

Alexis Martinez is a Peer Support Specialist, she goes out on outreach as well as helping in the office. 

Favorite Color: Pink and Green

Pets: Nala is an 8 month old pitpull rescue

Lived in: born in California, raised in Texas and currently live in Las Vegas

Hobbies: spending time with my kids, family and friends.

Dream Vacation: would be Jamaica because I love their food, culture and music.

Favorite Music Artists: Monica, because she sings about real life situations plus her music is calming and tends to make my day go better.

Harm Reduction Goal: is to educate, provide, and apply information, resources, referrals, reduce the usage of substance abuse.


Lorianne is a Harm Reduction Specialist. Most of the time she is shipping and stocking in the warehouse and occasionally works in the office exchanging.

Favorite Color: black and beige

Pets: No pets ): 

Lived in: use to live in L.A. and now llives in Vegas currently.

Hobbies: Making music!

Dream Vacation: Hong Kong. Why? They have the #1 McDonald's.

Favorite Artists: All Time Low, 5sos, Neck Deep. Moose Blood

Harm Reduction Goal: To help those in need.

Isabelle is a Harm Reduction Specialist, and does a little bit of everything. This includes makes kits, servicing vending machines, outreach, shipping program, GPRA reviews.

Favorite Color: purple, green, brown

Pets: Beagle

Lived in: Vegas for 17 years

Hobby: Listening to music

Dream Vacation: Europe

Favorite Music Artists: Mac Miller, Frank Ocean, Foster The People, Tyler the Creator, Joji, Aeris Roves

Harm Reduction Goal: To help and inform anyone in any way I can.


Jessica is the Receptionist at the Trac B Wellness Center. She is normally the first person clients sees when they enter the clinic. She answers phone calls, makes appointments to see the Doctor, Nurse Practitioner, Substance Abuse Counselor-Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor, and Therapist-Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

Favorite Color: Black

Pets: No pets

Lived in: Las Vegas for 10 years

Hobby: Any DYI

Dream Vacation: Bahamas, The Berry Island

Favorite Music Artist: Macy Grace

Harm Reduction Goal: To achieve and maintain access to health care for individual without the stigma and disregard that is associated with traditional health care.

Acintia is the Community Health Educator here at Trac B. She does most of the HIV and Hep C testing in the clinic and at outreach.

Favorite color: orange and blue

Pets: a fish named Swan 

Lives in: Vegas for 2 and a half years

Hobby: cooking and dancing

Dream Vacation: Australia 

Favorite Music Artist: love all music

Harm Reduction Goal: to educate as many community members as possible to assist with getting our morbidity numbers to an all time now.

Rachel is a LCSW (licensed clinical social worker) that specializes in substance use as well as mental health counseling

Favorite colors: Blue

Pets: 1 black cat named Sophia

Lived in: Vegas for 22 years

Hobby: running, hiking, reading, being outdoors as often as possible

Dream Vacation: Greece

Favorite Music Artist: Vance Joy

Harm Reduction Goal: Meet clients where they are in treatment and provide visibility to the concept of harm reduction as a way to help individuals integrate back into society.

Angie is our graphic designer at Trac B.

Favorite color: Violet

Pets: 3 tan dogs, tortoises, and a handful of box turtles

Lives in: North Las Vegas

Hobbies: Yoga, photography, documentaries, and cuddling 3 tan dogs

Dream vacation: The white beaches of Hawaii, green hills of Austria: and the sandy deserts of Australia

Favorite Artists: Frieda Kahlo

Harm Reduction Goal: through visual adaption: 1. inform the public that help and resources are readily available. 2. provide real-time information to those with certain high risk behaviors. 3.contribute to the greater good via Trac B's missions, values, and goals.



Coz is Peer Recovery Support Specialist at Trac B.


Favorite Color: Brown


Pets: More like a zoo


Lives in: Spring Creek, Nv


Hobbies: Bass fishing, and metal detecting


Dream Vacation: Bass fishing in Mexico


Favorite Artist: Charlie Russell


Harm Reduction Goal: Save the world!

Kat is the Administrative Manager, Chelsi makes the plans and Kat takes care of the details to make it happen.


Favorite Color: Amethyst and carmine


Pets: 2 very spoiled ferrets


Lives in: Born and raised in NV, moved back to Vegas 1 year ago.


Hobbies: Reading, video games, and scuba diving


Dream Vacation: Swimming with Manta Rays


Favorite Artist: I listen to almost anything depending on my mood but my default is 70s/80s Rock


Harm Reduction Goal: To help foster the idea of harm reduction practices as in automatic part of community health.

Trac-B Exchange Staff

Ashlie is a Peer Recovery Support Specialist at Trac B. 

Favorite Color: Turquoise

Pets: 2 pound doggies named Marley and Landon they are a Lab mix and Terrier mix.

Lives In: Winnemucca, NV 

Hobbies: Going to the gym, traveling, and coffee!

Dream Vacation: One day go to Bora Bora. 

Favorite Artist: Whitney Houston

Harm Reduction Goal: Is to keep people alive and encourage positive changes in their lives!

Lisa is the program manager for the hospital-base recovery team In Reno. She is a certified peer recovery support specialist and supervisor.

Favorite Color: Teal and Brown

Pets: We have almost 12 year old sheltie named Samara and calico fantail goldfish we've had for almost 12 years.

Lives in: Reno, NV

Hobby: I love spending time with my family, learning new things, reading, writing, dancing, playing music, and running. 

Dream Vacation: Morrocco

Favorite Artist: Crass, X, old punk rock, and the Decemberists

Harm Reduction Goal: My Harm Reduction goal is to see decriminalization of substance related charges, sex work,safe consumption sites, the end of stigma and shame, end homelessness, and to help people who use drugs live a self directed life focused on positive change.

Kiera is a Peer Recovery Support Specialist at Trac B. 


Favorite Color: anything and everything pink. 


Pets: 2 Dogs a chunky white Lab named Cotton and a rescue dog named Hank. 


Lives In: In my hometown Hawthorne, NV 


Hobbies: My hobbies are camping and wakeboarding, or anything I can do in the water. 


Dream Vacation: My dream vacation has always been to go to Hawaii


Favorite Artist: Country, R&B, and the 80's.


Harm Reduction Goal: Is to provide resources and educate people with addiction and substance use disorders a safer and healthier way to live. 

Jennette is the Social Media Coordinator and helps exchanging in the office. 


Favorite Color: Pink and blue


Pets: 1 fat calico cat named Kuddles


Lives in: I've lived in vegas my whole life


Hobbies: I like to paint, eat and buy plants


Dream Vacation: Bali, Egypt, and Iceland


Favorite Artist: Doja Cat and Trippie Redd


Harm Reduction Goal: I'd like for people to learn more about what we do to  spread awareness and reduce harm; as well as ending stigma.

Rick is the Program Director for Trac-B Exchange. He is usually found in the conference room working on projects into the wee-hours of the night. Rick is the person that got Trac-B started and works tirelessly to keep it open.


Favorite Color: Blue and Green

Pets: none

Lived in Las Vegas: 40 years

Hobby: Going to Concerts, traveling

Dream Vacation: Orbit the Earth

Favortite Music Artist: Tedschi Trucks Band, Beth Hart, Joss Stone, Warren Haynes

Harm Reduction Goal: Promote the concept of harm reduction universally in society


Lacey is the Ryan White Coordinator for Trac-B Exchange. She is normally on the computer coordinating data or on the phone assisting clients with the Ryan White Rideshare program. She also helps at the front desk assisting clients with their exchanges and Naloxone education and training.

Favorite Color: Teal

Pets: Cora & Marley (Irish Setter) Taco (Chihuahua) & Astro (Spaniel Mix) Ace, Missy & Dazzle (Cats) Honey & Badger (Ferrets) Spyro & Sparx (Bearded Dragons) Freckles & Kai (Crested Geckos) Nova (Gargoyle Gecko) Peach (Leopard Gecko) Rune,  Raine, Lilith, Blossom, Echo, Fader,Beckett, Lenox, Tome, Void, Mara, Dunkin', Shadow, Piper (ball pythons) Pixel (Tricolored hognose) Wednesday (Mexican Black King Snake) Atlas (Mexican Rosy Boa)

 Lived In Las Vegas: 32 years

 Hobby: Spending time with my kids, husband and animals.

 Dream Vacation: Traveling around the U.S. with my family to go to every amusement park we can find and riding all the rides.

 Favorite Music Artist: Mad Caddies

 Harm Reduction Goal: To bring awareness and resources to help prevent and save people from overdose.

Spencer is the Peer Recovery Programs Lead & SNHRA Coordinator at Trac-B Exchange.  You can usually find him here at the office providing resources to those seeking recovery but he also enjoys going out into the community to help those in need, participating in Trac-B’s outreach program. 

Favorite color: blue

Pets: none

Lived in Las Vegas: 22 years

Hobby: Motercycle

Dream Vacation: Australia

Favorite Music Artist: anything

Harm Reduction Goal: To help people meet their goals wherever they are in life.

Chelsi is the Program Manager at Trac-B Exchange. She is usually in the office but will occasionally be working the front desk. Chelsi is your go-to person if you are interested in going to detox or recovery.


Favorite Color: Lilac Purple and Black

Pets: Nate (Jack Russell/ Schnauzer)

Lived in Las Vegas: 17 years

Hobby: Hiking and planning weekend trips

Dream Vacation: Fiji or Tahiti

Favorite Music Artist: The Rolling Stones, Mariah Carey and Linda Rondstadt

Harm Reduction Goal: Encourage Sex Work Harm reduction