Harm Reduction Center

   Las Vegas

Christina is a client outreach and resource specialist. Christina works at the front desk, does Trac-B Exchange's social media/public relations, and manages sex worker harm reduction. 

Favorite Color: Pink

Pet: Patufa (basenji/lab) & Pat (bearded dragon)

Lived in Las Vegas- 5 years

Hobbies: Travel, documentaries

Dream Vacation: Tokyo, Japan

Favorite music : Pop

Goal: Reduce drug stigma and improve the lives of sex workers.

Chelsi is the Program Manager at Trac-B Exchange. She is usually in the office but will occasionally be working the front desk. Chelsi is your go-to person if you are interested in going to detox or recovery.

Favorite Color: Lilac Purple and Black

Pets: Nate (Jack Russell/ Schnauzer)

Lived in Las Vegas: 17 years

Hobby: Hiking and planning weekend trips

Dream Vacation: Fiji or Tahiti

Favortite Music Artist: The Rolling Stones, Mariah Carey and Linda Rondstadt

Harm Reduction Goal: Encourage Sex Work Harm reduction



Rick is the Program Director for Trac-B Exchange. He is usually found in the conference room working on projects into the wee-hours of the night. Rick is the person that got Trac-B started and works tirelessly to keep it open.


Favorite Color: Blue and Green

Pets: none

Lived in Las Vegas: 40 years

Hobby: Going to Concerts, traveling

Dream Vacation: Orbit the Earth

Favortite Music Artist: Tedschi Trucks Band, Beth Hart, Joss Stone, Warren Haynes

Harm Reduction Goal: Promote the concept of harm reduction universally in society


Jason is the client outreach and resource specialist for Trac-B Exchange. He works at the front desk during the hours that we are open and also manages all of the outreach and off-site syringe exchange and naloxone distribution for our community. You will see him at all of the community events and doing harm reduction throughout the city.

Favorite Color: Purple and Blue

Pets: None

Lived in Las Vegas: 5 years

Hobby: Hiking and river rafting

Dream Vacation: Fiji

Favorite Music Artist: Gorillaz and Tool

HarmReduction Goal: Promote a healthy lifestyle

Katie is the Client Educator and Resource Specialist here at Trac-B Exchange. She works at the front desk and kaintains our data which is an integral part of keeping us funded. Katie also educates clients on overdose and provides them with naloxone. Basically, she teaches the community how to save lives.

Favorite Color: Green

Pets: None

Lived in Las Vegas: 5 months

Hobby: Hiking and snow shoeing

Dream vacation: Maldives

Favorite music Artist: The Killers, Deadmau5, Death Cab For Cutie

Harm Reduction Goal: Decrease overdose death

Melissa is our Client Services Coordinator and manages the front desk at Trac-B Exchange. Melissa also coordinates the Impact Exchange Vending Machine sign-ups. She works hard to ensure that everytime clients come in they are satisfied with our service and leave with everything that they need.

Favorite Color: Turquoise

Pet: Hopper (Rabbit)

Lived in Las Vegas- 1 year

Hobbies: Cooking and baking

Dream Vacation: Italy or Ireland

Favorite music :Country

Goal: Help as many people as she can in the harm reduction program.

Trac-B Exchange Staff

Sabra is a volunteer with Trac-B Exchange. Sabra has been working in public health and harm reduction for over 2 years.


Favorite Color: Yellow

Pets: Diesel (Jack Russell/ Chihuahua)

Lived in Las Vegas: 4 years

Hobby: Yoga!

Dream Vacation: Japan

Favortite Music Artist: Eminem

Harm Reduction Goal: Reduce Drug Stigma