Harm Reduction Center

   Las Vegas

In this section we provide answers to the most commonly asked questions about our Harm Reduction and Syringe Service Programs. We hope you enjoy the information and share it with others. If you do not find what you are looking for, don't hesitate to get in touch with us via phone or email.



Q: This is my first appointment, what you should bring with you?


A: Ideally, you should bring any and all questions about the program with you to your first visit. You will have an opportunity to meet with staff one-on-one and this will be your time to ask questions. Our staff will have you fill out a form and register you to be able to recieve our services in the storefront location in the future as well as all of our vending machine locations throughout Southern Nevada. You will not be asked for government-issued identification or any payment for syringe services.



Q: Is there a fee?


A: There are no fees associated with or services. Because of our upfront costs and overhead, we do accept monetary donations.



Q: How does the syringe exchange program work?


A: Initially you will be provided with syringes and a sharps container. It has been shown that the reuse of syringes can cause abcesses, infections and damage to veins so we do not encourage re-use. The syringe recovery part of our program is integral in keeping our services running. We ask that you return any used syringes in a sharps container whch we wil provide to you.


Q: I want to learn about how to protect myself or someone else in case of overdose. How can I do that?


We are able to provide naloxone and naloxone education free of charge to the community. Naloxone is an overdose reversal drug and we recommend anyone that regularly injects opiods or knows some who does, have naloxone readily avaiabe in case of overdose.


Q: Isn't syringe exchange or naloxone illegal?


No, syringe service programs as well as naloxone are perfectly legal under Nevada law.



Q: Can I get syringes for others?


A: The intake part of our program is where we get to know our participants and can offer them individualized consulting services. Because of the individualized nature of our program, we encourage each person to sign up on there own. We also HIGHLY discourage the sharing of needles, syringes or injecting equiptment because of infectious disease risk. Please do not share these items with others.